Around You

Augemented Reality application for PoI in 2014.

  • Design & Development
  • Q4 2014
  • Swift, PRARKit, Google Places API

Around December 2014 I started working on a new project which was later sponsored by Felix IT System, which used to detect point of interest and shows all details in an app Around You to help users share their experiences.

Around You is an Augmented Reality application for PoI (i.e. Point of Interest). The application offers a window to your surroundings which helps you explore like never before. Discover and find venues, people and information around you using geo-tagged data.


User search recommendation based on previous searches, with the ability to show the locations on live camera feed with the help of an evolving concept Augemented Reality.


I created Around You mainly to sharpen my Swift & Restful API skills. Building a simple, yet full innovative application from the first line of code to deployment in a matter of roughly 3 months was a great experience.

Application drew most of the inspiration from makers like Around Me.


The project is built on top of my personal boilerplate, featuring Swift.

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