Fast pace indie game written in Swift

  • Design and Native Development
  • 2017
  • Swift, SpriteKit, Figma

I always dreamt of creating a game. As a child, I used to play a lot of arcade games. Growing up the desire turned into reality when I learn SpriteKit introduced by Apple.

The idea has aspired from a famous game called `City Towers`, in which a player has to stack up skyline blocks.

I wanted to create a hassle-free game, which is reduced stress and aims to increase your concentration powers.

The game supports more than 10+ languages.

Available on AppStore


The aim was to create an addictive game and learn SpriteKit physics in the process. The game encourages on creating stacks of blocks over each other with precision.


Fun loving game for all ages. Make this your favorite pass time.


I used Swift as programming language and tried a hands-on SpriteKit to create this game.

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