Worlds first app-based library of African Short Stories for you and your children's to enjoy.

  • Freelance iOS Developer
  • Q2 2017
  • Adobe DRM, Swift

In January 2017 I helped out my friends at VolumeTree (formerly AzuraTech), this time to work on their client project app, which is used by their customers to view and read books.

BookBeak allows you the ability to create populate a bookstore, the contents of which can be accessed at various access points on-the-ground through our partner network of coffee shops and leisure areas.

I was brought in to develop iOS ebook reader app around a complex process that involves several SDKs from Adobe DRM, Firebase, Google Sign-In etc.

It’s a scan-and-go solution for e-book readers on the move who don’t have time to go to a physical bookstore.

Available on AppStore

Consumer iOS Application

Swift app build with 💜.

I developed an iOS mobile application that enables BookBeak users to view and read books right from their phone.

Audiobooks are also available for download and users can download and listen to the books offline.

Novels and Fiction

Specialized categories for avid book enthusiasts, bringing you the most popular publications under one roof.


Exciting stories for kids, with interactive storyplay and visual effects.

Be a Story Teller

We all have it in us, a story, an adventure that sets our imagination free. What's yours? Become a story teller today with #BookBeak and earn when you contribute.

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