Building MVP for an Intranet Industry Giant

  • Mobile Development - iOS
  • July 2018 - Present
  • Realm, Swift, iOS

While working with Effective Digital, around July 2018 an overhaul rebranding was introduced for their emerging selling product for US marketplace, called GreenOrbit.

For the past 20 years, Effective Digital has partnered with world-leading companies to help build their brands and create breakthrough products.

I'm one of the founding members in GreenOrbit Mobile Team, brought in to design and develop an MVP for an upcoming pitch presentation. Within two months, I designed and developed an iOS application for their GreenOrbit rebranded product.

I've been collaborating with GreenOrbit Mobile team for more than 2 years now.

Available on AppStore

See what’s happening in your pinned channels - contribute to discussions and engage with Likes and Comments.
Keep your finger on the pulse with access to the latest company news and business-critical updates.

Centralised Communication

Employees can get on the same page to interact on common topics, and enage each other to achieve centralise communication using GreenOrbit.

Live Updates

Breathe life into your intranet with business updates and engaging news articles. Empowering your people to create and publish contents.

Wireframing • Prototypes • Code

The app was designed initially for iOS in Figma, the styles for Android were designed entirely in interface builder and wireframing was done on Adobe XD.

Bronze Winner: Craft - Non-Broadcast • 2019

The GreenOrbit promotional video has won a Telly Award! GreenOrbit, along with our producers at Viewstream have won a bronze award in the non broadcast category.


As the project is long-term and after brainstorming the with entire team and stackholder we decided to go for a native approach for both iOS and Android.

Swift was the first choice for making smooth and scabable application for long-term development and quick updates.


Though website was made using React, and backend was re-used written in .DOT Net.

We were able to come up with working prototypes (in Figma) within a very limited timeframe. Additionally, the interfaces work across all major platforms: Web, Android and iOS.

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