My iD - Intranet Dashboard

Official iOS application for Intranet DASHBOARD.

  • Stand-a-lone iOS Engineer
  • May 2017 – August 2018

During my early days at Effective Digital in Pune, I joined Steven Hensgen, Andrew Wilkie and Savita Jadhav as a iOS Engineer of Intranet Dashboard.

My focus was on all things on iOS, allowing me to work on both the design and development of the product.

Intranet Dashboard is a simple yet efficient way to interact and converse with your peers in an organization.

With the compelling blend of pictures and files, it allows you to share important announcements with the help of #Channels and Private Group Boards.


Swift was used for iOS native programming. Java was the option for Android. Database was built on .DOT Net. Server where deployed on AWS.

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